Ann Heaney, CNA has lived in the Omaha area since 1985. She recently joined the Integrated Rehab team after suffering a leg injury which brought her here as a patient. Ann’s own injury and physical therapy experience has given her insight into the needs of our clients. She assists conducting pre-employment and random drug screens, as well as Physical Capacity Profiles. She also administers the Traumatic Brain Injury test, which helps to identify brain issues that can develop from auto accident impact and injuries. TBI can detect brain activity issues that are not always shown on traditional tests, aiding legal teams and identifying which therapies would benefit the patient.
Ann loves to read, especially about history and current issues, and is also bilingual in English and Spanish. She took Spanish classes in school and has also taken missionary trips to Northern Mexico with a local church. She has also taken classes in Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and hopes to complete her degree in the near future.